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about hawks

February 23rd, 2005 by jomo

All last summer I heard hawks in the sky above the creek valley
behind our house. Quite often I saw them in the sky, sometimes
three together, and I believe that they were Red-tails.

This past weekend Molly saw a hawk land in a tree down by the
creek, and she saw that there was a nest. From our back porch,
it was difficult to tell exactly which tree the nest was in, so we
went down and tramped around the creek and railroad tracks
until we finally spotted it. Since then we continue to hear hawk
cries, and glimpse them in the sky. Molly saw one flying to the
nest tree with a stick in its beak (probably doing some renovation).

On the subject of hawks, a hawk migration is a wonderful thing
to see. They migrate by spiraling upwards on a thermal, then
sailing down from high in that thermal to catch the next one and
ride it up. So the sky is filled with hundreds of hawks soaring
upwards in big circles and gliding down and all drifting north (or
south as appropriate).

The first time I saw it years ago was on an early spring after-
noon when I returned home from class. I stood on a bluff in
front of the house and gaped at the marvel. One of my house-
mates came home while I was standing there, and he came to
stand beside me.

“Isn’t this awesome?” I asked him.

“Yeah! Wow,” he said. “I gotta go get my gun!”

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