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The trouble I have…

April 9th, 2005 by jomo

…with blogging is that there are so many other things that need doing that I put blogging off until lo! two months have gone by since I last posted. But there are three or four items that I have written for this blog during that time, and I will get them posted soon.

In the meantime (in between time) I finished A NEW STORY tada. It has been in the works for many months, and the coloring book version is not yet up, but the on-line Flash version is up and seems to be working (comments and/or concerns invited).

It is my plan to notify folks that it is there. So I started to compile a mailing list for that purpose, got side-tracked by old e-mail and therein something became apparent: in the days when I charged for my stories in various fashion, I got feedback. There was some give and take in the transactions with customers. But since I “set my chickens free,” I don’t hear much: occasionally an e-mail comes in, but not often. About 70-80 visitors come to my site each day, and about two-thirds of them watch a Flash story or download a coloring book, but few say thanks.

But wait a minute! How often do I leave a note or comment on a website, or send an e-mail thanking my (if you will) host? Not very often. I guess that I take it for granted and expect that they, like me, will have to be satisfied with just the stark numbers that indicate that there is enough traffic on their site to make the effort worthwhile. Well, I hereby resolve to be more polite in my web-browsing and tell some folks ‘thank you.’ On the other hand, I already get an awful lot of spam…

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