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View from the Top

March 8th, 2006 by jomo

From the west windows of the de Zavala State Archives building, we have been able to gaze at the pair of red-tails that have been perching for several days now on the star in Lady Liberty’s up-raised hand atop the dome of the Capitol…the pinnacle of Texas State Government.  The pigeons that usually hang out around here  have made themselves scarce.  I dreamed last night of the view that the hawks must have from up there.

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So it’s been ten months…

March 3rd, 2006 by jomo

…since my last post to this blog. I’ve been busy. And I did try to post something during that time, only to find that Blogger wouldn’t let me in, and couldn’t find my account. So I dithered and dallied, and finally changed over to WordPress, which looks like a much more hands-on deal. More shit to learn. I swan! These computers won’t hardly let a fellow catch his breath.

So now it’s PHP. I only just got comfortable with HTML after a decade of messing around with it – and this hoss dudn’ have many decades lef’.

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