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Status Report

August 2nd, 2006 by jomo

The big projects of the remodeling of the rent house are done. The interior has been painted, the plumbing fixed, the dishwasher installed, new flooring laid, and exterior water damage repaired. What remains is the countertop backsplash, caulking and touch-up of trim, and outside trim painting. And that damned poison-ivy. I applied a Round-Up concentrate which knocked back all of the leaves on which it was sprayed – but the leaves farther up the vine were unaffected, although the trunk of the vine had been drenched.

So it is to be a hands-on project. Mano a mano, me and the vines. The Round-Up instruction sheet cautions that the urushiol is still active in even the dead leaves, so I will have to avoid them as assiduously as I do the shiny green ones.

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