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Snake Tales

May 21st, 2007 by jomo

There have been recent postings on our neighborhood listserve concerning the identification of a snake someone found in their yard: it turned out to be a rat snake. That didn’t surprise me much – in the thirty-one years I’ve lived in this house, besides rat snakes, I have only seen green snakes and blind snakes, and the rat snakes were the most numerous.

Several times, hearing blue jays doing a gang scream, I found the object of their screeching alarm to be a rat snake in a tree. One of those times the snake was coiled at least 15′ up a smooth-barked branchless ailanthus tree. That showed some real climbing skill!

One day I noticed a northbound car stopped on S. 5th between Gibson and James. The young lady driver was standing by the open driver’s door, peering at what looked to me like a broomstick in the road in front of the car. I asked her if there was a problem…she said there was a snake in the street. It was a good sized rat snake. I put it in a pillowcase and one of my sons took it to his zoology teacher.

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Big Kid’s Super Soaker

May 3rd, 2007 by jomo

Last year I bought a Kaercher G2500LH pressure washer. It didn’t get much use at first, but recently I’ve been riding it hard. And I mean to tell you, it’s more fun than playing in the sprinkler on a hot afternoon! It isn’t something I would do in sandals and shorts, but getting soaking wet fully clothed adds a tinge of naughtiness. As for results – I was amazed to see what color the garage is under all the mildew and grime that came off.

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