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What about the Seychelles?

August 29th, 2008 by jomo

Whenever I look at the domain traffic statistics for my sites, I always find the Seychelles listed among the countries of origin for site visits. I am very pleased to think that my work has found an audience on remote islands that I envision as “paradise” in a Gauguin sort of way – I’m sure that’s really not at all the way things are there. I was under the misapprehension that Arthur C. Clarke made the Seychelles his home, but that was Sri Lanka.

Of course, the truth may be that some international spam enterprise operates out of the island nation, basking in a favorable legal climate, and what I am seeing as traffic is actually some of those rejected comments to this blog, dealing exclusively with libidinous concerns.

I prefer to think that sitting under a palm tree by a beach washed by Indian Ocean waves, I have a fan.

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On-line humor

August 18th, 2008 by jomo

An ongoing problem in many online communities is the difficulty of recognizing another person’s humor. The use of sarcasm or irony is especially troublesome, often being wry and understated. As banal as they have become, the Usenet ASCII emoticons still have utility in earmarking statements made in jest or with other less-than-serious intent. Our neighborhood association often quickly flashes into attacks and recriminations until someone says “I was only kidding”…

On the subject of the labeling of on-line correspondence, a couple of years ago sex spammers were very dutiful about following the government mandate of labelling their unsolicited e-mail “SEXUALLY EXPLICIT” in the title line. But that seems to have faded away…and I can’t help but think that it has done so because there wasn’t any enforcement of the mandate.

Oh, well. ;>)

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Slipping the clutch

August 6th, 2008 by jomo

Luann is currently (8/06) learning to drive a manual shift car, which brings back memories. I set out to teach my older son to drive the little 8-year-old pick-up that I had gotten for him.

We were on a private dirt road. I explained the pedals and their functions. To start forward, he needed to push in the clutch, shift to 1st gear, then let the clutch out while pushing on the gas pedal. He nodded his understanding. He pushed in the clutch and shifted to 1st.

Then he tromped on the gas and popped the clutch. The front wheels were cranked to the right, so he spun a brody off the road, over some bushes, and into a cedar thicket. The whole time I was shouting “STOP, STOP” and he was yelling “HOW? HOW?” The cedar brush held its ground and the truck shuddered to a halt in a cloud of dust.

No damage to the truck, and around here cedar trees are regarded as vermin. We had an exciting experience and I realized the necessity of modifiers, like gently and slowly.

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Too many kids

August 3rd, 2008 by jomo

This morning I was thinking about a fellow I knew in Missouri. His last name was Campeau, but he told me that wasn’t really his name. The Campeaus had been a childless farm couple that lived down the road from a poor family with many children. When yet another baby was born into that large family, the doctor involved suggested that they give the new baby to their childless neighbors, which they did. So my friend grew up as a Campeau, with his natural siblings from down the road as his playmates. He said everyone knew the situation, but that it didn’t make any difference.

Along the same lines, I knew another guy who named his fourth child Justin – Justin Other Shephard.

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