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The Price of Pot

February 12th, 2010 by jomo

There was an interesting story on All Things Considered this evening about marijuana prices. While listening to it I thought of the produce department of the local HEB, which quite often is redolent of pot. I look around in vain for the source, but have never gone so far as to ask any of the employees where I can buy what I smell.

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A Snow Story

February 11th, 2010 by jomo

All of the weather travails of the Right Coast this week reminded me of an incident from my Army days in Germany so many years ago.

One Saturday morning in Winter four of us went in Vic’s VW to the Wuerzburg Kaserne PX, which was much bigger than the one at our little post. On the way back, we decided to drive on back roads to enjoy the snow-covered scenery. We got onto one little road with snow piled on either side that we were sharing with locals with shovels on their shoulders, walking back in the other direction. Shortly we came to the end of the line: the road in front of us ended at a two foot bank of snow. We realized that the guys had been out there clearing the road by hand.

Vic started trying to turn the car around, and was stuck almost immediately. We climbed out and started trying to push. About eight of the local guys were watching our efforts, offering useless advice (since it was in German). Finally they put their shovels down, waved us aside, picked up the VW with Vic inside, turned it around and set it down pointing in the right direction. They gestured us back into the car. We thanked them profusely and everyone shook hands all around, and we drove off waving at all those friendly farmers.

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