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Robertson Davies

April 20th, 2012 by jomo

One of my very favorite authors is Robertson Davies. He created wonderful characters with insightful language and humor. I thought that I had read all of his novels and recently set about rereading The Fifth Business, volume 1 of The Deptford Trilogy. It was a pleasant surprise to realize that I had never before read the book, and I am enjoying it a lot. Now I will rummage through all of the Davies novels to see if there might not be others I missed.

Dunstan Ramsay, the narrator of The Fifth Business, has incidental girlfriends named Agnes Day, Gloria Mundy, and Libby Doe.

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Feeling betrayed by State Farm

April 15th, 2012 by jomo

In an Atlantic article I learned that my insurance company, State Farm, is a supporter of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). I had known about ALEC for some time now, and had come to consider them fascistic and un-American, originators of legislation resulting in voter suppression, immigrant harrassment, destruction of firearms regulation, and privatization of prisons among other hard right loopy ideas. To find that a company that I have done business with for more than 30 years passes on to ALEC some of what I pay them each month is outrageous. So now I am looking for another insurance company.

Ambrose Bierce defined politics as “the conduct of public affairs for private advantage.” That summarizes ALEC’s purposes succinctly.

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