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September 26th, 2012 by jomo

All of these ideas go through my head that I could/should write about, but then I move on to other things since writing is not one of my primary focuses. But today I was writing stuff to fulfill the requirements for Faces of Austin, a program to showcase short films by Austin filmmakers, one of which I most certainly am and have been for decades now, so that put me in kind of a writing mode.

I have always identified my films as having been produced in Austin. I wonder if that has had any effect in helping Austin become the Mecca for creativity that it has become? Probably not – or certainly not very much.

In the early ‘70s I built a great big barn-like house around an old silo in the country. Someone later told me that they picked up a hitchhiker two or three states away who was headed down to see this house that some hippy had built around a silo. I guess that was my place – I like to think it was, and that my effort had impressed others enough that they had told people about it and word had spread that it was something worth seeing. But I never met that traveler and I sold the place and it burned to the ground one winter’s day…there were some design elements that I hadn’t worked out. We learn as we go along, eh?

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