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“NYPD Blue” v. “The Shield”

June 17th, 2014 by jomo

What separates these two shows but the width of the continent? I didn’t watch either of them on a regular basis when they were aired, but now I have been streaming them on Amazon.

“NYPD Blue” has complex characters that develop as the season(s) progress. In fact, the crime stories that they are involved with become secondary to and supportive of the development of the principal characters.

“The Shield” plays as an effort to make a sociopath with a badge a sympathetic character. I see that it lasted for several seasons, and that puzzles me. I’m not a fan of horror movies, and this show, I feel, fits into that category.

So, I’ve finished with “The Shield” after 5+ episodes, but I’m into the 2nd season of “NYPD Blue.” However, I must say that they are both just TV shows (but at least there are now no ads on them).

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