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The eclipse: old news now

September 17th, 2017 by jomo

My sweetie and I flew up to Oregon, into the path of totality, and went with her sister’s family to view the event. And it (and the whole process of viewing it) was memorable. Then she and I in a rented car wandered around the Cascades for a few days.

Everything was rather closed in because of smoke from all of the wildfires burning in the mountains on all sides. The biggest disappointment was Crater Lake. The whole great bowl was filled with smoke so dense that nothing could be seen…a real “pea-souper.” But is was road-trip fun, tooling around with my honey giving me directions, and following some very seriously bad directions from an internet program – the calm voice says “In 800 feet turn left on Going up the Mountain Drive – ignore the ‘No Outlet’ sign.”

Getting back to Austin in the face of Hurricane Harvey led to some tense moments when it looked like all flights were being cancelled, or late, causing connections to be missed, but it all worked out.

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