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Roy Frame’s pigs

December 27th, 2017 by jomo

Roy Frame was a teacher in Wichita who bought an old farm in Douglas County, Missouri. He and his wife would come to their farm on weekends and other time off. Roy planned to do a custom haying operation, and bought equipment for that, but found that the local people preferred to use family relations and other locals, so Roy’s new machinery sat mostly unused. He also got into the pig business. He built some pens, stocked them with feeder pigs, and arranged with a local fellow to see to them while he was away in Wichita.

Pigs require good fencing because they are natural rooters and very difficult to confine. So Roy’s pigs were soon out of their pens and roaming through the countryside.

Up at the country store it was common to hear someone coming in the front door say “I just saw one of Roy Frame’s pigs run across the road.”

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