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A snake story

January 2nd, 2018 by jomo

My wife came in and asked me “What kind of snake is red, yellow, and black striped on one end, checkered brown on the other end, and doesn’t have a head?” I told her that I needed to take a look at it.

Outside, among some rocks, was what she described. I turned over a rock that the strange snake’s midsection was beneath and it was revealed that it was two snakes: a coral snake was swallowing a garter or ribbon snake (small blotched water snake?).

We were bent over in the yard looking at the snakes when our landlord came driving by on his way to work. He stopped and came over to look, then went back to his pickup and got a tire iron, which he used to pound the coral snake to death (the other snake too, but it might have already been dead). Then he put the dead coral snake in a wide-mouth gallon jar he had in his truck and went on his way.

Later on he told me that he talked to Parks and Wildlife about the record size of coral snakes in Texas and said that our’s was right up there at around 35″, but it was hard to tell it’s exact size with the mangled front end.

I regretted his killing of the snake(s), but it was on his property, and he had three severely visually-impaired children that walked around the area. A coral snake is not much of a threat to most folks, but could be deadly to a blind person.

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